The first Res Fortes wines have been produced in the Roussillon area in the South of France. Although the area is less well known outside of France than for example the Bordeaux, Champagne, Beaujolais or Loire valley regions, it has consistently produced top quality wines.

Here we have some fantastic well-established vines – some of which have been growing for over a hundred years. The combination of these long established vines, the mineral rich schist terrain, and perfect weather means that exceptional fruit is produced consistently every year.

The very first vintage in 2014 we produced both white and red wine. These 2 wines have been made by Moritz, choosing the grapes (and picking a few) and working in the winery using his skill, techniques and experience to ensure the right quality and finesses was reached. In 2015 Moritz introduced a high quality rosé into his range.

The white, red, and rosé wines have all received awards at the United States San Francisco international wine challenge. The rosé featured in Decanter magazine's top 30 rosé wines in the UK - 2017.

Each year we bottle our white and rosé in January and our red in November.