Time to sell into USA! A goal for every wine producer is to try and tap into this market and with 52 states available to sell into, it certainly has a lot of opportunity available. 

Each state in the USA is pretty much its own individual country, they each have their own rules and laws and, in many ways is similar to Europe. The Challenge of selling into all states requires 3 things: a lot of work, a large investment and a lot of wine. At this stage I only have one of these things, the fact that I am happy to do a lot off work! 

I want to achieve selling my wine to 3 states in my first year of trying, Massachusetts, New York and California. So my first stop was the wine expo in Boston. This was a two-day event and I had a lot of fun meeting some great people, from both the trade side of things as well as the general public. 

During my time in Boston I also managed to have a look around Harvard University and enjoyed an hour-long lecture by the ex-president of Georgia. 

Here are some photos from Boston and the Boston Expo.

Screen Shot 2019-06-04 at 19.02.53.png
Gavin Ferguson